Things you can’t wash away

scalding showerscouring his touch off my skinleave purple finger imprintsas I clawan hour to cool offcan’t give this power to himglower in the mirrorfade the lights to dimI feel diseased, like leprosystill, I take the blame forhis hands on meI sink to the floorsick in the back seatis that what consent means?this feels beneath memy... Continue Reading →

What’s in it for me

go back to the beginning simplify things why do I write? I still second guess myself how I express myself I write poetry because of what’s in it for me it’s my destiny

December Snow

My eyes met the moonlit snowthrough the windowbefore first light.Cold and eyes wide,I get up and go outsideto absorb the majestic quiet.

The bells toll

The distant sound of church bellsis this the sound of redemptionresounding in my ears?Strikes twelveand the symphony carries meon the echo,it’s heavenly.

In this moment

I inhale the smell of his masculinityAmethyst earrings danglingWine red lips glide, teaseStrip the essence of my fragilityIn this moment, I am at ease


I took my books with mewherever I wentI carried them aroundin a brown suitcasewith a bent wheeltrue storyI really feelmy books are what kept me tetheredthe heavier the booksthe more I felt like a feather

Don’t let it be regret

the most frightening thing in the world to me is to not live up to what I could be what I should be give up the best parts of me leave out parts of the recipe half-ass give a damn close up like a clam, and become more like my family there’s more to me,... Continue Reading →

His Love is Like…

loving him is likebeing strapped to a stakeset aflamein a fire untamedor lowered into a pit of snakesinvertedfeel the earthquakeand my soul shakeunnervedI literally quivermy foundation evaporatesa hurricane, with mile-high wavesa sea I can’t partpatchwork feelings of guilt and shamemy only mistake was taking more of his heartyet, letting him go was for my sake

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