Falling After All

If there’s a chance I take the first glance silence doesn’t fill the room anymore your smile does whatever came before things I can’t make sense of we’re here now because of because of the person I choose to be now because of the lessons learned through kicks and growls your laughter is sheer innocence... Continue Reading →


It was no accident The time we spent, we fell in love No matter what, that was real As time went on We kept our heads above water With fire at our feet We couldn’t change the outcome I let go of the steering wheel And it’s bittersweet Do you regret what we’ve done, Or... Continue Reading →

Love, Indeed

A little obsessive Overprotective Both a little neurotic Blessed by the gods With looks to kill And will-power to fill our desires We start fires to watch the world burn While we both burn Our hearts burn, his eyes yearn for me Greedily It’s my turn to initiate I appreciate his patience I’m a gracious... Continue Reading →

Happiness was a pendulum

I have clawed my way out of hellCrying spells that last for daysInto weeksLaid on the floor and prayed for DivinityWeak, a darkness within meI’ve begged for deathHoping each breath was the lastI’ve reached black depths past what anyone shouldI’ve been blind to what life showed as goodWould I ever touch bottom?What brought on the... Continue Reading →

My Layers

how do you peel layers away without being invasive? I’m a naysayer I feel too abrasive I want to erase my mistakes not take days to lay in the shame I give into I asked him what his name is things move fast too fast the way it is now we move past first base... Continue Reading →

Promise Me, Someday

I promise to learn youlearn your ropesearn your trustbring to life your hopesI promise not to runI will learn to loveyou and me bothI promise to follow where this goesto dance in the sunand not the shadowsI cherish your free spiritand will always encourage your freedomif I’m at your table, I don’t care where I... Continue Reading →

Recover Me

you are your own entityincidentally, I’ve lost my identityfix meeven accidentallyrecover meinrecoverycomplimentary characteristicsthe language of love’s linguisticsI’m not prepared mentallyor physicallyfor the chemistry and brain activitythis brings up in meit’s frighteningtaking me to new heights to see the viewI don’t know what you see in meonly what I see in you

Puppets on a string

We dance Keep dancing Like puppets on a string Never asking About the important things Masking The pain All the parts that sting It’s raining Too numb to go inside On each raindrop I’m wishing Wash clean Clean slate Forgotten dreams Reappear in blistering winds whisper Yet I’m dancing Like a puppet on a string... Continue Reading →

Eyes Wide Open

Blink, and you’ll miss it This chance we have This kiss This moment Feel it Feel me All of me, all at once, everywhere Everything Every you and me we’ve dreamed It’s all happening Here and now Don’t blink We stand face to face A firm stance Our fingers laced No second chance, don’t blink... Continue Reading →

You, Only You

I fell in love with the idea of youNot you for youInside I died for youI’ve cried for youPut aside my pride for you I’ve glued my essence togetherTo weather what may come our wayTo guide me, to guide you through the darkest days Despite my indiscretions and imperfectionsAnd predilections toward the obsceneOur hearts coincideSwept... Continue Reading →

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